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The Website

This web site is a cover site of a domain for the development of web projects. The projects consist of web sites that are made for friends and family or for the technical advancement of the owner of this site.

These projects are in parts of this domain that are not normally known to the general site visitor. The location of an individual web site will be given to those with a need to know in order to review and critique its current contents.

About Us

The developer of the web sites in this domain had a long career as a mainframe computer programmer and software engineer. More recently he has obtained A+ (both OS and Hardware) and Network+ certifications from CompTIA. He has used personal computers for many years and run under many different operating systems: most versions of the Windows OS, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu).

For the last several years, he has made many web sites running on free and purchased host servers and on his own home computer network using a variety of web server software packages. Many web design software tools and packages, both free and purchased, were used to construct these sites.

The developed web sites are a continuation of all of the web development efforts stated above.

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